About the BRAVE-TAN Project

The evolution of Violent Extremism has necessitated the need for the ideological deconstruction of extremist narratives. Both interfaith extremism and intra-faith extremism are being backed by narratives that appeal to susceptible followers who are not able to discern the distortions in the narratives used by the influencers of Violent Extremism.

Susceptible followers are wide-ranging and found among several age groups, economic classes, geographical locations, ethnic groups, and occupations. A common denomination for these people at the receiving end is that they are convinced by the religious justification being propagated by extremist groups in the advancement of violent extremism.

The Project, “Building Resilience Against Violence Extremism – Through Alternative Narratives” (BRAVE-TAN), addresses the misuse, by extremists, of religious justifications for violent extremism.

It does so by disseminating among religious leaders, and through them to the general population, scriptural learning, and greater religious understanding, to disprove and deconstruct the extremist ideology and thereby reduce intra-/interfaith tension, radicalization, and the attendant insurgency.

The BRAVE-TAN project addresses two of the key priority areas namely “Improving the resilience of communities, especially the most vulnerable”, and “conflict prevention” with particular the priority of countering radicalisation and extremism.

Mainly, the BRAVE-TAN is a faith-based immunization for religious, traditional, and civil communities against the temptation of falling prey to an extremist ideology that infects people by various means.

The premise is that any teaching that moves from JUSTICE to INJUSTICE, from COMPASSION to CRUELTY, from WISDOM to Folly, from GOODNESS to HARM and EVIL, cannot be associated with Islam even if somebody claims that it came from Islamic text or interpretation.