The Da’wah Institute (DIN) is the research and public enlightenment department of the Islamic Education Trust (IET), which has its headquarters in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria; and Zonal Coordinators across Nigeria and West Africa.

Stirred by the passion to mitigate the numerous challenges posed by contemporary society to Islam and Muslims, where many Muslim youths suffer from an acute intellectual inferiority complex about their faith, and lack the basic knowledge, guidance and confidence to practice and share their faith with others; the DIN has with Allah’s Grace researched and prepared various resources to help young people (Muslims in particular) prepare for their present and future challenges. DIN also produces audio-visual and other multimedia contents, to further diffuse the pristine message of Islam throughout the globe.

The Institute partners with other organizations, Muslim or non-Muslim, governmental or NGO, based in Nigeria as well as other countries in Africa, North America, Australia, South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East for comprehensive capacity building, improved Da’wah effectiveness and in furthering its objectives and the strategic good of the society at large.

The DIN Vision

To be a dynamic organization that develops resources and methods for the effective realization of the Ummah’s potentials through the dissemination and application of the correct message of Islam for greater social justice and peaceful coexistence.

The DIN Mission

To strive in the capacity building and empowerment of other Islamic organizations and individuals involved in facilitating the correct understanding of the message of Islam.