The Dawah Institute of Nigeria

You have probably heard that statement many times, haven’t you?

That statement that says:

“Islam is the most misunderstood religion.”

And the Dawah Institute boldly attests to that.

You would be sad to know that Muslims have greatly contributed to the sorrowful truth of that statement.

You would be sad to know that the faith of many young Muslims has been suffering as a result of this reality.

You would be sad to know that the genuine and right responses of Muslims to this fact has not been effectively conveyed to those who are afflicted by the problem.

The Dawah Institute believes that something must be done. And for that, we say welcome to our website.

What We Do at the Dawah Institute of Nigeria

The Dawah Institute of Nigeria doubles as a research and training institute. We dig into the depth of Islamic jurisprudence and produce contents that are accessible to the contemporary Muslims in various formats.

We have been training young Muslims like you all over the world for over 30 years. You might have heard about our signature course – the Train-the-Trainers Course (TTCs).

With these courses, you learn and develop:

  • a better understanding of Islam in a way that clears your doubts about Islam,
  • more confidence in your faith that helps you become a more compassionate Muslim,
  • a mental framework that helps you see Islam as a tool for social emancipation, personal fulfilment as well as spiritual salvation.

In partnership with many Muslim organisations, we have conducted courses all over the world including Australia, England, US, Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Sudan, Maldives, etc.

At your request, we can help you develop special training courses for you and your organisation.

Literature Distribution

Aside from research and training, we do distribute literature to individuals and organisations, depending on availability, within Nigeria and the surrounding West African countries.

Most of the literature we distribute are the outcomes of our research team. Some of our titles include:

  • Is Boko Haram?
  • Shariah Intelligence
  • Relations with Non-Muslims
  • Jihad in Islam
  • Salam to Non-Muslim, etc.

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Is Boko Haram

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