SHARI’AH RULINGS (Ahkam al-Shar‘iyyah) HAUSA

One of the major objectives of Islamic teachings is to guide people towards what is good and right, and to protect them from what is bad, harmful and wrong. Laws and rules are therefore important in helping to identify right from wrong, and in guiding people towards a better and […]

SHARI’AH RULINGS (Ahkam al-Shar‘iyyah) YORUBA

Shari’ah rulings, Ahkam al-Shar‘iyyah are usually grouped into 2 major categories or types. Those that deal with what is permitted or prohibited for a responsible adult Muslim (mukallif) are referred to as “defining law” (al-hukm al-taklifi), while those that deal with the factors and circumstances that make the permitted and […]

Shariah Intelligence: What is Usul al-Fiqh 2

Usul al-Fiqh means “the fundamental principles of Islamic law.… (It) expounds principles and methodology by means of which rules of law and jurisprudence are inferred and extracted from their sources. It involves the study and formulation of rules of interpretation, obligation, prohibition and global principles.

What is Usul al-Fiqh (Yoruba)

Sound reason and critical thinking play a very important role in understanding the Qur’an and making judgement, Usul al-Fiqh enables scholars to deduce with a reasonable degree of certainty what level of desirability or undesirability to assign to every aspect of our lives, based on the guidance of divine revelation […]

Enjoining Goodness on Family

The family is a trust from Allah (SWT) and we are accountable to Him on how we manage them. What should be the duty of the head of the family during Ramadan? Ustadh Ismail AbdulQadr explains in this short video.