Sheikh Nuruddeen Lemu in Sydney

Sheikh Nuruddeen Lemu, the Director of Research at the Dawah Institute of Nigeria, Islamic Education Trust, Minna in Nigeria, is currently conducting a series of workshops in Australia on a variety of topics.

The Minna-based scholar who left Nigeria last Thursday, is now in Australia where he conducted an all day long workshop for the Navigate Islam group in Sydney, yesterday, 26th March.

His next workshop is slated for the evening of Saturday 1st April at the Markaz of the Navigate Islam group. There, he will hold a workshop on The Heart, the Ego, and Obstacles to Personal Growth.

He will follow up with another workshop the next day with where he will go through the topic, Maqasid Al-Shariah and the Evolution of Madhhabs, in another day long workshop.


Sheikh Nuruddeen has been at the forefront of clearing misconceptions against among both Muslims and non-Muslims. He has also been working with his team towards training young Muslims to better understand Islam, be more confident about their religion and use superior arguments to solve problems rather than violence.


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