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Malcolm X letter from Hajj – A true reflection of Islam

Malcolm X journeyed to Hajj in 1964 in search of the true Islam. Before his pilgrimage, Malcolm X was part of a heretical group called “Nation of Islam” headed by Elijah Muhammad which preached that “the white man is a devil”. His experience at Hajj made him realize that Islam is […]

If God Promises To Respond To Prayers, Then Why Was My Sincere Prayer For Good Not Answered?

It is important that we understand the difference between Salat (Ritual Prayer) and du’a (supplications). Salat refers to the obligatory act of worship, which is incum­bent upon every mature, sane Muslim; to be performed at specifically designated times daily. Du’a on the other hand refers to supplication in the form […]

Why Does Allah Use “WE” For Himself In The Qur’an If He Is Only One?

This question, though usually innocently asked, is often a reflection of one’s ignorance not just of the Arabic language, but also of English. In many languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Hausa, Yoruba and English etc., there are two types of plurals: a plural of numbers and a plural of respect […]

The Hereafter – Existence and Nature

What happens to human beings after they die? This has been one question that has generated a lot of debate among men, be they of a religious persuasion or atheists who deny the existence of a supreme being (God). While it is true that as yet there is no instrument […]

Do Muslim Believe in Intercession for Their Salvation?

The role of “Intercessor” or “Mediator” between man and God is an established doctrine in Christianity as seen in I Timothy 2:5 – “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.” Man needs an intercessor or mediator in Christianity because he is […]

Authenticity of the Qur’an

The basis for the beliefs of most religions is their scriptures. Most of these scriptures are believed to be inspired or revealed by Almighty God, and are therefore sacred and perfectly suited to guide the human race. In a world where there are many competing claims for possession of “the […]

Why Follow the Sunnah When the Qur’an is Complete?

The Sunnah or Hadith is the second and undoubtedly the secondary source from which the teachings of Islam are drawn. “Sunnah” literally means “a way” or “rule” or “manner of acting” or “mode of life”. “Hadith” is “a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (r) or a narrative about his actions […]

Do Muslims Believe in Predestination?

The Arabic word Qada’ is sometimes wrongly translated as “predestination”. Such a translation is likely to cause misunderstanding. What is Qada’ (or Qadr)? Qada’ (or Qadr) means Allah’s decree, implying His complete final control over the outcome of events. Qada’, Free Will and Moral Choice Belief in Qada’ does not […]